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Cowboy Chords 2


Here are a few more basic chords. These ones are a little more difficult than the previous ones, so you may have to work at them a little more to get used to them. However, [...]

Cowboy Chords 22019-05-19T18:53:16+00:00

Cowboy Chords


These are basic chords that every guitarist should know; sometimes referred to as Cowboy Chords. These chords are used over and over again in many styles of music (Rock, Folk, Blues, etc.). Once you learn [...]

Cowboy Chords2019-05-19T18:53:30+00:00

My first live webinar!


Divine Guitar Lessons will be offering a live webinar this Saturday at 4:00pm, entitled “Creating a Light on the Path of Guitar”. Step into the dojo and learn how to shred! Learn the foundation of [...]

My first live webinar!2019-05-19T18:54:14+00:00

Heavy Metal


Heavy Metal is an awesome art form!  True, there are only a handful of genius writers pioneering, while there are thousands of imitators and people who just focus on aggression like animals.  However, just like [...]

Heavy Metal2019-05-19T18:54:39+00:00

Styles of Guitar


When it comes to playing different styles, teaching you little licks that only work in a certain context will not cut it.  You need to actually be learning how to play those styles with your [...]

Styles of Guitar2019-05-19T18:54:50+00:00
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