Divine Music Teacher

Being a teacher you have to learn to go at the right pace for each student.

This takes calmly seeing the student exactly where they are right now!

It also takes a keen, perceptive (and experienced) eye…  In other words, knowing the path and how to walk it, along with the ability to see exactly where someone else is on the path; and know how to guide them each step of the way!

In training a student, you have to know when to push them and when to give them their space; otherwise you will suffocate them and they may rightly choose to walk away.

You must be perceptive to your student. You cannot wholly teach out of ego. There must be a balance.  For this, you need to have genuine interest and care about people!

It’s great to see people grow into music, but they also need to flourish as a person!  Being too strict can also squash their spirit, and I’m all about uplifting your spirit so you can grow as a person and have an amazing life!

Transmitting the Divine

There is also a much deeper aspect to music…

Music is something that is at one with all of existence (inner and outer… and transcends even that!).

Music is Divine.

So as a teacher, you are a transmitter of the Divine!

Otherwise, you are just staying on the surface and teaching out of ego.

In India, a teacher is called a guru, and is seen as one who is transmitting the divine to their student. Thus, a student will touch their guru’s feet, as a way of showing respect.  (Obviously not necessary in guitar lessons 😋🤣)

Pictured above is Yogi Guru Paramahansa Yogananda.

As a side note, I highly recommend his book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

Music is Divine

In my experience, music is divine! Musical creativity flows through me, and I do my best to teach it to all who are open…

Just by winding up here and reading this, a gate is open to you…

Invite you to walk through and learn the true teachings!

I would be honored to be your humble guide 🙏

Virtual Guitar Lessons

Hence, I teach online virtual guitar lessons so that the teachings may be available to all… and as a way to live my best life!

If you would like to reach out and connect with me then I invite you to!

The easiest way is to click on the Contact page above so we can connect!


Coren Smith
Divine Guitar Lessons