Infinite Points

Having the dynamic ability to go beyond the rhythm and melody is going to make you a better soloing guitarist.  Don’t just focus on one point; surround the rhythm with infinite points!

There are many, many things you can do (endless)…

You may start with a melody, then build it into a more complex melody, then just take off and start flying, and accomplish what I call surrounding with infinite points…

You can hear players like Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani do this.

Extend the rhythm into something new and unheard, ever-changing and evolving.  Then make it sound familiar again.  This interplay is of the creation process!

The actual creating part can sound otherworldly, something totally new!

It’s where you are just flowing and exploring on the guitar with a mind blowing, face-melting solo.  Then after the creation you have this finished product that is mobile and moving on its own (the melody that has now come out of the free-flow soloing).

This isn’t just incorporating the talent of jamming into your style (which is important, too), but of pushing the envelope of what is possible on the guitar, whether it’s a solo you made up note for note or you are jamming.

This is important to help you reach higher potentials as a player.

Surfing the Rhythm

Joe Satriani has his metaphor of “surfing with the alien.”  In a way, it is like you are letting some higher power flow through you as you play.  It empowers you and then you start to sort of lose control and let the solo lead of its own accord before starting to control the chaos; or that is, flow with it and know what you are doing (surf it!).

The knowing comes when you can just let go and be one with it.  Eventually you are always at one with it.  This is when you play like a real higher level Master that can transcend all the boundaries!

Anyone who is a Jimi Hendrix fan should know exactly what I am talking about!

There are an infinite amount of things you can do as a musician~

Tap into your Creative Center!

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