How to Hold a Pick

How to Hold a Pick: Hold it with your thumb and pointer finger. Notice that if my thumb is horizontal, the pick is pointing straight down at the floor, at a 90 degree angle.   [...]

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is an awesome art form!  True, there are only a handful of genius writers pioneering, while there are thousands of imitators and people who just focus on aggression like animals.  However, just like [...]

Styles of Guitar

When it comes to playing different styles, teaching you little licks that only work in a certain context will not cut it.  You need to actually be learning how to play those styles with your [...]

Divine Music Teacher

Being a teacher you have to learn to go at the right pace for each student. You have to know when to push them and when to give them their space; otherwise you will suffocate [...]


The most important thing to playing any style is the feeling. Certain styles tend to use certain scales, types of chords, song arrangements, etc (for example, a lot of heavy metal makes use of the [...]

Music is a Journey!

My life has been, and continues to be, quite a musical journey. And in my experience, one of the main aspects of this whole music thing is having an open heart. Living with an open [...]

Electronic Music

Electronic music is very big these days and is having a huge influence world wide.  Yes, just like any genre, there are some so-called musicians whose creations are not at one with the true spirit [...]



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