Pick Hand Harmonics 2

Grab your electric guitar and turn on your favorite distortion for leads!  A great technique to add to your bag of tricks is playing a note, and then touching the same string twelve frets higher.  [...]

Exploring Chords

A great way to explore your chords is to take their shape and move them around.  What do I mean by this?  Say you finger a D chord.  You’ve got covered the 2nd fret of [...]

Pick Hand Harmonics

To create a harmonic with your pick hand, allow part of your thumb to touch the string as you pick it.  This is done while holding the pick.  As you pick the string, turn your [...]


When it comes to soloing, creativity, flexibility, and dynamic ability are paramount.  You may solo fast over a melody with a fast tempo, matching or even increasing the speed.  You can also do the opposite [...]

What Rules?

As guitar players, many people tend to just carry around their lessons and play what they know (they’re setting up walls in their mind by doing that); eventually you have to go beyond all that [...]

Playing to Timing

As a guitarist your intent should be focused on playing with perfect timing.  When playing music, timing and rhythm should be foremost in your mind.  As you progress, this will come naturally; but it takes [...]

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was one of the most unique players in that he was constantly going way beyond all the boundaries.  As Joe Satriani put it, anyone trying to play Jimi is basically haunted by every [...]

Controlling Your Sound

When playing the guitar, there is more going on than just creating what is heard.  Around all that you need to be in control of the rest of the strings, silencing any that are not [...]

Playing Like a Child

Remember when you were a child?  You played freely, lived in the moment, and did not worry about what was next.  It is important to have this freedom of play in your jamming abilities as [...]

Infinite Points

Having the dynamic ability to go beyond the rhythm and melody is going to make you a better soloing guitarist.  Don’t just focus on one point; surround the rhythm with infinite points.  There are many, [...]

Know Your Guitar

It is important to know every note on the guitar.  No matter what fret you hold on what string, your goal should be to be able to know each note without thinking twice.  Start by [...]

Timing and Rythm

“When you understand timing, then you also understand rhythm.  Timing and rhythm-they are one and the same thing, yet they are different.  To understand them both as one, you must understand them individually.  It is [...]

I Believe in Music

I believe in music.  This is why I teach.  The arts are a great thing in humanity.  Through them we express everything!  We express our thoughts, our feelings, how we feel happy, how we feel [...]



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