Pick Hand Harmonics

Grab your electric guitar and turn on your favorite distortion for leads!  A great technique to add to your bag of tricks is playing a note, and then touching the same string twelve frets higher.  So for example, play the fifth fret on the G string.  Now, while letting that note continue to ring, touch the seventeenth fret on the G string with the middle finger of your pick hand.  You just need to lightly touch it, not push it down to the board.  You will have to keep holding the fifth fret while you touch the seventeenth fret.

Now let us take it a step further.  Do the same technique.  Hold the fifth fret, play it, then touch the seventeenth fret.  Now bend the fifth fret.  Try bending it up and holding it; and also try bending it back and forth (up and down).  Try bending it a quarter step, a half step, and a full step.  Explore this technique.  You can also try bending with the tremolo bar after you touch the seventeenth fret.