Music is an Experience!

The most important thing to playing any style is the feeling…

Certain styles tend to use certain scales, types of chords, song arrangements, etc (for example, a lot of blues and rock makes use of the Pentatonic scale, and heavy metal makes use of the minor scale and the harmonic minor scale); but the point is to get the feeling and to push the envelope of any style, and even make up your own style.

No style should be limited to a certain set of parameters. Music should not exist inside a box.

Music is a living art! Once you learn how to play the blues, push the envelope with it~

Becoming a Well Rounded Guitarist

Learning more than one style will also help you to become a well rounded musician.

Many artists who play rock, such as Led Zeppelin, have learned blues and learned how to incorporate it into their style.

Alex Skolnick, the lead guitarist for the heavy metal band Testament (he has also played in Trans Siberian Orchestra and his own jazz trio called Skol Trio), has learned to play many styles; and this is what allows him to be such a dynamic lead guitarist.

Learning more than one style will allow you to be a better musician!

Explore New Areas!

Again, certain styles do traditionally have certain trends to them, and you can learn a lot by learning through these. If you really know your stuff then you will be able to challenge the comfort zone of any style you learn and take to new areas of discovery.

Learn to put soul into your playing!

Put some real feeling into your playing!

Otherwise you will just be a text book guitarist…

The foundation of all these known styles has already been laid down by others (and God bless them!  Let us be thankful!)

In music, there are the pioneers, the true creators of their sound; and there are the millions of followers who have learned to reproduce the trends of a given style. And that’s ok too!

Music is something all of humanity is experiencing and is a part of!  And we are all free to experience and express it how we may!

Learn to push the envelope so you can be a true pioneer of your own musical experience!

Play with Love and may your journey be on a path with real heart! 💛

Music is a Connection

In music we are connecting with ourselves on a deeper level.  We’re connecting with others when we play for them, and when we dance with them.  Music is something connected to everything!  Music can literally fit every occasion!  It’s something that connects us to our lowest lows, and our highest highs!  We can experience it alone; we can experience it with others…

What’s an experience you’ve had with music that was meaningful for you?  What’s your story there?  And why is it so meaningful for you?

I bet you have an incredible story.  One that shows how genuine you are, and what your values really are…

I encourage you to write down this story!

Seriously, take a few minutes to write it out (not just hypothetically in your mind; actually sit down and make the most out of this exercise).  You’ll learn something incredible about yourself!  I bet you’ll feel reconnected to yourself in a gratifying and refreshing way, whatever the nature of your story!  It may even be healing for you!

A Story we Both Share

Here’s a song I wrote that came out of a story we both share.  (What is that?  Watch the video and you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, because it touched both of our lives deeply!).  I invite you to open your heart (not turn away and hide), and let your memory and your emotions arise.  Feel them out… Experience them…  Heal.

Are you feeling it?  Did it make you reflect?

I know, we went kind of deep on this one, but hey, this is life.  Let’s live it to the fullest!  Let’s not be on the turning away, hiding from our experiences, hiding from our own emotions.  Music is an absolutely amazing tool for helping you feel out your emotions and face your life!

What is it that You like about music?  Does it help you dance?  Does it motivate your work day?  Maybe you use it for meditation!  Exploring music is a journey we are all on, and we are exploring it unique to our own experience, and we are experiencing and exploring it together!

It’s great to be on the path with YOU!

Thank you 🙏

Virtual Guitar Lessons

If you would like to connect to learn how to play guitar or become a better guitarist, please, reach out for lessons!  I would love to connect with you and help you grow as a musician and as a person!

Rock On!

Coren Smith
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