Becoming Your Own Guitarist

When it comes to playing different musical styles, teaching you little licks that only work in a certain context will not cut it.  You need to actually be learning how to play those styles with your own understanding and freedom of creativity.  This is what most guitar books lack.  Music is a living force, so what you learn needs to be actionable!

What I am going to teach you here are certain principles of each style that will help you be able to explore that style on your own; which is what it’s really all about.  One of the best ways to learn how to play a certain style is and always has been to listen to that style and get a feel for it.

So what I am trying to teach you is not a certain flavor, but a way of training yourself where you can realistically learn and grow into your own as a guitarist and musician. 

You be the Chef!

I don’t want to be a chef handing you certain flavors, I want you to be a chef and come up with your own recipes and flavors!

We will look at different techniques, and scales and chords that are commonly used in these traditional styles; but more importantly I am giving you tools to grow into any style of your choosing and to create your own style.

I also encourage you to learn different styles as this will make you a well rounded musician.  Let’s get started!

Virtual Guitar Lessons

If this vibes with you, then I encourage you to connect with me up above on the Contact page so we can get started on your path as a real guitarist!

I teach online virtual guitar lessons.  It is a connection to humanity!  I am also highly interested in personal growth and helping others grow, and can say without ego that I have ascended the mountain of what the sages call true mastery and have a natural ability for teaching!

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone ☺️  I’m actually quite humble and down to earth, as you will learn if we meet.  All I’m offering you is a chance to connect with me and learn how to play guitar to enrich your own life!

My gratitude and love to you!
Thanks for reading!!!

Coren Smith
Divine Guitar Lessons

PS – Here you can see how I have come into my own as a guitarist:  Enjoy!