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The Advantages of Virtual Guitar Lessons

Ok, so you’re looking for the easiest way to learn guitar, and you’ve probably been searching all over the internet looking for how to learn how to play guitar by yourself… You’re not alone!

Anyone can learn to play guitar, and you wanna know how to learn guitar fast! What is the best way to learn guitar??? You’re into learning guitar now, so you’re searching for “online jazz guitar course,” and “fingerstyle guitar lessons online” or even “best way to learn guitar for adults”

Well, like most, you probably wound up on YouTube as your guru for getting better at guitar. The most common pain point, or beginner guitar frustration, I see from beginners, and I hear this over and over, is that they have been trying to teach themselves guitar over YouTube for months, and it’s just not working, and they finally realize they need to seek a professional instructor…

Guitar Made Easy

So the searches change from “Online slide guitar lessons” and “is it ever too late to learn guitar” or even “online guitar lessons left handed” to “how much are guitar lessons” and “are online guitar lessons worth it?” Whether you wind up at your local strip mall music shop, find a virtual guitar teacher, or you search for in home guitar lessons, finding the right teacher for you will set you on a sure path and accelerate your guitar playing!

Online vs In Person Guitar Lessons

I taught in person guitar lessons for a decade, and when Covid hit and we all began quarantine, I switched to online virtual lessons using platforms such as FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom to teach lessons to my students; and honestly, it was the best decision I have ever made! Both for myself and for my students!!

Yes, it is nice to have a teacher right in front of you, sitting in the room with you, and for some of you, that’s the way to go. And that’s ok! Personally though, I have seen added growth from my students since we switched to online virtual lessons.

When you’re sitting in the same room together, there’s an air of spoonfeeding everything to the student, versus online there is a little added responsibility on the part of the student to get in there and learn! And I mean this in a positive way! I have seen my students grow into their own as guitar players much more doing guitar lessons online over the last couple of years!

And you might be thinking, well what about children? Children included! In fact, kids really love doing guitar lessons online! They get to stay at home, jump on the computer, and do this cool thing of learning guitar over the internet. It all seems very hi tech and fancy to them!  It’s a special thing that we can do in this wonderful new age!

For you, too, as adults you don’t have to drive somewhere right after work, or even leave the house again after you get home from work to go do your guitar lesson. You get to stay home! The lesson starts when it starts, and when it’s finished it’s done and you’re already at home and can do whatever it is you want to do to enjoy your time off! No commuting back and forth, which, let’s face it, you do enough of that for work!!!

A home guitar lesson can be nice, but most people actually gravitate away from that because of the concern about inviting a total stranger into their home. And that’s understandable! Especially if you live alone or have kids. You should do what makes you comfortable. After all, these are guitar lessons; it’s an enjoyable thing! You’re learning music! So whatever platform you choose, it should be one that fits your life style and makes you happy!!!

Online Private Guitar Lessons

So yes, I teach guitar lessons virtually and have been doing so for quite some time, and I really enjoy it! My students are wonderful people, they stick with me, and we have a great time each week spending time together working on the awesome fun-ness that is learning guitar! I have so much gratitude and love for what I do and for my students, who again, are just awesome people!

If you would like to join the team and get some awesome guitar lessons feel free to call me or fill out the contact form using the link at the top of the page! And if you’re not quite ready yet to commit to guitar lessons feel free to sign up for my newsletter on the Home page and you’ll be a part of the inner team of people I send deeper insights and lesson material to!

Either way, I hope you have enjoyed this and that it has given you some good perspective on the direction you want to take as a growing musician!!!

God bless you!
Coren Smith