Wake Up and Hear the Music

Play music for music’s sake.

Playing because you want to be a big star is delusional.  It is egotistical, and may lead to suffering.  It goes against the true nature of Music.

Many people work everyday jobs, and would with a simplistic mind set be happy; but they watch television and are fed the ideals of a fantastic lifestyle as being rich and famous and the center of attention.  Then when they turn again to their everyday tasks, it seems depressing.

Playing in front of thousands of people may happen, but it should be done as a musician; not as someone who thinks they are better than everyone else.  Some of the world’s best musicians never become famous…

This is not to say that you should not strive for your goals.

I encourage you to shoot for the stars!

What I am speaking of is the very experience of playing music.

Play because you love to, not because you think it may someday bring you lots of money.

Enjoy Music right here, right now!

Enjoy every note, every phrase, every melody; and everything it stirs inside you!

Whether you are playing by your self, for a small group, or for thousands, play because you love to be at one with the experience of Music!!!

To quote one of my martial art teachers, Paul Masse, “Make plans and allow for them to happen.  But remember to live your days here in fullness as well.  Many people tend to live for a future day or in the prison of the past.  Today is the future, past, and present.  Be vigilant in your studies and life now as well.”

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Coren Smith
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