A quick note on electronic music.  Electronic music is very big these days and is having a huge influence world wide.  In my opinion, if you think all electronic music is a bad thing, then you do not understand the times we are living in; and are just as bad as your parents who said the music you listen to is the devil’s music.  Yes, just like any genre, there are some so-called musicians whose creations are not at one with the true spirit of humanities upward evolution.   However, I implore everyone to be more open minded and explore the artistic creations of your fellow man.  Anyone who knows me knows that I do not listen to the radio.  I think the best music these days is all underground.  You have to really search to find.


There are many types of electronic music, from Trance to Dubstep.  Electronic music is also influencing modern day pop and even rock.  For a good example of Trance music you can check out a solid mix at: “Feeling Better”


And for a good example of good Dubstep you can listen to and download an entire album I created at:  “Passing the Threshold”