Remember when you were a child?  You played freely, lived in the moment, and did not worry about what was next.  It is important to have this freedom of play in your jamming abilities as a musician.  Sure, if you are playing a song where you want to nail every note the way it was written then stick to it and show the achievements of your hard earned discipline and refined skill.  I get it.  When it comes to just picking up and jamming (which is just as important of a skill), learn to let go and go with it.  Let it be.  Let it flow.  Play like a child.

This free flow of play can actually help you be a much better musician.  Playing like a child, you do not worry about sticking to the rules you learned.  You freely go outside of your box of scales and learn to effectively break the rules.  Maybe you do some things that do not sound so good, but it helps you learn.

Just remember, there are no wrong notes!

In learning the guitar, you should learn the rules, stick to the rules, dissolve the rules.  Starting out, learn your chords, learn your modes, and learn how to put it all together.  Then stick to it.  Drill the basics.  If you keep pushing forward as a true artist, the progression will naturally lead to transcending it all.  The nature of music is to transcend everything.  So you learn to dissolve the rules, and go beyond the text book basics.  However, it is important to start by learning and drilling the basics.  Do not just try and skip it all and get to the end.  You will only be robbing your self.  “You gotta crawl before you walk.”

But be sure not to be too serious all the time.  Take some time to play around with the things you learn.  Also take some time and forget about everything you are learning and just play.  Play like a child: free and going with the flow!  Being a musician means, among other things, learning and expressing freedom of the human spirit.  This will help you mature as a person, but do not make the mistake of thinking that you are above playing like a child.  Have fun!