How to Hold a Pick


How to Hold a Pick: Hold it with your thumb and pointer finger. Notice that if my thumb is horizontal, the pick is pointing straight down at the floor, at a 90 degree angle.   [...]

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The most important thing to playing any style is the feeling. Certain styles tend to use certain scales, types of chords, song arrangements, etc (for example, a lot of heavy metal makes use of the [...]


Pick Hand Harmonics 2


Grab your electric guitar and turn on your favorite distortion for leads!  A great technique to add to your bag of tricks is playing a note, and then touching the same string twelve frets higher.  [...]

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Pick Hand Harmonics


To create a harmonic with your pick hand, allow part of your thumb to touch the string as you pick it.  This is done while holding the pick.  As you pick the string, turn your [...]

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When it comes to soloing, creativity, flexibility, and dynamic ability are paramount.  You may solo fast over a melody with a fast tempo, matching or even increasing the speed.  You can also do the opposite [...]


Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix was one of the most unique players in that he was constantly going way beyond all the boundaries.  As Joe Satriani put it, anyone trying to play Jimi is basically haunted by every [...]

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Infinite Points


Having the dynamic ability to go beyond the rhythm and melody is going to make you a better soloing guitarist.  Don’t just focus on one point; surround the rhythm with infinite points.  There are many, [...]

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