“This is a great opportunity for all of you musicians to get a real guitar education no matter what level you are now. I have played guitar for 15 years now and still continue to learn new things every lesson. Coren is a great teacher, real professional and easy to communicate personally and I can assure you will achieve the level that will lead you to the big stage of music.”
– Dobrin K.

“I’m a guitarist in his late 40’s – intermediate/advanced level player – who was in search for an instructor, who could tighten up my chops since I stepped away from any serious playing for some time. My goal was/is to start up a band – I miss it and want to experience live performance before I kick the bucket; hopefully, that’s still a bit away. Now I’ve had quite a number of instructors over the years – some good some terrible – and Coren is one of the best; the caveat being that I’ve only had a handful of lessons w/him, but as I’ve stated, I kind of recognize pretty quickly how it’s going to be and Coren brings it!”
– TCS T.

“I have been taking guitar/bass lessons for about 5 years from several different teachers. I learned the basics of what it means to play guitar and bass. However, after some time, I became bored with learning the same material repeatedly. I realized that I was in need of a teacher who could expand my musical foundations. Deciding to take lessons from Coren was the best musical decision I’ve made as he has expanded my musical boundaries thus allowing me to become the musician I am today. Coren’s teaching methods are admirable as he makes learning guitar scales extremely fun and interesting. Making songs with my band has never been easier!”
– Ali K.

“What makes a good music teacher? Among the basic characteristics — style, education, ability to play, patience, schedule, cost, and countless others — I think it’s important to highlight the importance of chemistry between an instructor and a student. What makes Coren a great instructor is he is in tune with each student’s capabilities, yet knows how to balance fundamentals with progressive themes. At the time I started taking classes with Coren, I knew a handful of open chords and some basic strum patterns. Instead of focusing only on rigid, boring drills, he teaches the value of understanding music to think in creative ways. He makes learning and playing the guitar fun. While I still have much to learn, I can see and hear the impact of Coren’s instruction on my playing. I highly recommend Coren as an instructor for any skill level.”
– John M.

“If you really want to dive into the inner workings of what makes a real guitarist, and focus on the theory and techniques that will take you to the next level, then this is the place to get your lessons. I have been playing for over 6 years, but after taking lessons for about 4 months, I was shocked at the amount of development I have made in such a short amount of time. Great personalized instruction, and the best price around to boot!“
-Logan G.