“When you understand timing, then you also understand rhythm.  Timing and rhythm-they are one and the same thing, yet they are different.  To understand them both as one, you must understand them individually.  It is absolutely essential to understand the timing of Universal harmony as well.  Timing can be altered.  Rhythm can be altered.  They can be altered individually or in unison.  You must understand that in order to restructure time you should have a complete understanding and realization of the universe or else your own substance will be infected with error and you will not be able to perform properly… I cannot stress enough that this comes with constant practice.  Understanding timing and rhythm is essential to my strategy.  You should always train with timing and rhythm uppermost in your mind, and realize that there are different types of timing and different types of rhythm.  Understand them well and you will understand my Way of strategy.”

-from “Book of Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi